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A resume of some projects he leaded and got involved in:

TORTO EDITIONS - new release with Jean Renè (Montreal) out in may 2019

GIANBURRASCA - original soundtrack for the audiobook (2018)

PROJECTORS ON RUNE - original soundtrack for 7 pictures (2018) -

IL CANE SENZA CODA - original soundtrack for the teather piece - Teatro della Tosse (2018)

ROLANDO/BACHER - songwriting duo with Alessandro Bacher (2018)

WHEN THE NIGHT FALLS – solo contrabass and performing with the french dancer Yoann Boyer, creation developed in the “arts'r'public” european project (2017)

ZUNZURU DE LUXE – solo contrabass/electronics on short animation films by the artist Paolo Bonfiglio – first european tour (2016)

ANEMIC CINEMA – live music on old mute films, in collaborations with Laboratorio Probabile Bellamy and Teatro Altrove (Genova) (2016/17)

IMPROLAND – organization of a series of concerts around the theme of improvisation and instant composition - (2015/16/17)

THE DJELLABA - Marrakech - Morrocco - partecipation in the “arts'r'public” project with Sarabanda Association (Marseille, Hamburg, Marrakech and Genoa) (2015/16/17)
L'AMORE DELLE TRE MELAGRANE – with Elisa D'Andrea (children theater) (2015)

“STONI – LIVE ALTROVE” first official record of the solo contrabass and electronics project - Marsiglia Records (2015)

SOLO//SOLA with Roberta Messa and Carlos Lalvay Estrada, dance, projections and music (2015)

Opening of STUDIOTORTO Recording and audio production studio (2014)

“GALATA” the new record of Orchestra Bailam and Comapgnia di Canto Trallallero (2013)

“PALITO BOMBON HELADO” new Aparecidos cd (2012) -

“CANE DI SCHIENA” new Calomito record (2011) -

intense touring during 2009 and 2010 with italian actor Antonio Carletti with different theater shows regarding social facts: “Sotto i 4 anni è gratis”, “I ragazzi dell'ovest”, “Storie matte” and “Tra pochi giorni è natale” (2009/10)

the cd “HAREM BAILAM” live recording at Teatro della Tosse for the 20th birthday of Orchestra Bailam (2009)

"APARECIDOS" with the argentinian musicians Santiago e Facundo Moreno , cd out in 2009 on Dodicilune Label

“LENGUA SERPENTINA” with Orchestra Bailam and Roberta Alloisio (2007)

Ukraine tour (Crimea) and Turkey (Istanbul) with ORCHESTRA BAILAM (2007/08)

music for "VU" by Antonio Tancredi about the Velvet Underground and Andy Wharol - teatro Espace, Torino (2007)

first ZENAIMPROFEST by CrossoverArtExhibition in wich has been invited lot of free improvisers from italy (among which Marco Tindiglia, Claudio Lugo, Roberto Sassi, Andrea Ferraris, Patrizia Oliva, Luca Pagani and others, 16 musicians)
free music trio of soviet insiration “SOYUZ” (2006/07)

“STONI” - solo contrabass and electronics project, he opened forvBlackForest/BlackSea, Zu, Carla Bozulich.  (2005/17)

russian tour with "ORCHESTRA BAILAM" (2005)

live music for the children piece of Teatro del Piccione "MI MANGIO LA LUNA", winner of the prize "Il gioco del teatro 2005"

"TOBA" with Patrizia Oliva and Marco Ravera with a cd on Setola di Maiale

"CALOMITO" ( out in 2005 on Megaplomb distribuition -  Wide and Cuneiform )

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