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Welcome Iztok Koren on Torto Editions!!! One third of Širom has his first solo album! Finally the physical release of the digital album out on Café OTO's TAKUROKU. Order the CD here ( or go to to listen and buy the digital one.

releases April 1, 2021

The debut release by Slovenian musical polymath Iztok Koren, best known for his work in avantefolk outfits Širom, Škm banda and Hexenbrutal. Made in the heat of 2020’s lockdown, Iztok transmutes the intensity of the period into 6 pieces that sensitively unfurl over time. With various stringed instruments and field recordings in hand, he weaves his interests in Slovenian mysticism, ancient Chinese divination texts, his family and his new found love of nature, revealing an intimate snapshot of life up-close.


All compositions by Iztok Koren: banjo, prepared 3-string banjo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, field recordings


Recorded and mixed by Chris Eckman, 15th august 2020
Mastered by Dejan Lapanja

Cover art by Tina Konec
Design Oli Barrett

Produced by Torto Editions 2021

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All proceeds from sales of this album will go toward Democracy Now ( an organization suggested by Andy.
"Democracy Now! produces a daily, global, independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. Our reporting includes breaking daily news headlines and in-depth interviews with people on the front lines of the world’s most pressing issues. On Democracy Now!, you’ll hear a diversity of voices speaking for themselves, providing a unique and sometimes provocative perspective on global events. Democracy Now! launched in 1996, airing on nine radio stations. More than two decades later, we have grown to be one of the leading U.S.-based independent daily news broadcasts in the world. As an independent news program, Democracy Now! is audience-supported, which means that our editorial independence is never compromised by corporate or government interests. Since our founding in 1996, Democracy Now! has held steadfast to our policy of not accepting government funding, corporate sponsorship, underwriting or advertising revenue."

"In late February we played our first concert together in a wonderful space in Savignone Liguria near the town of Busalla about an hour from Genova. A beautiful old barn or cascina as it is called in Liguria , Cascina Pre Angiou run by Associazione Altravallescrivia a crew of great enthusiasts and fantastic hosts. Friends and families were all invited and we all eat a great minestrone and pasta and drank good wine at long tables before the concert began. There were several children present in the audience which is very audible in the recording ( no apologies there ) .,…and it was great to witness how such young minds deal with this kind of music …abstract sounds free improvisation, noise and a few melodies in there as well… the weirder and more abstract we played the more the children reacted and seemed to enjoy it … we didn’t have to tone things down for fear of alienating or terrifying the little ones,,,, some of the adults maybe but not the kids. Actually everyone had a good time and it was a very special moment and the last concert we played before things locked down it stays in our memory as if it happened yesterday. Were very grateful and happy to have had this chance to play together in this setting ….hope you enjoy it as much as we did. - Andy Moor

thank you to Susanna and Alessandro, Gabriele, Masca, Indo, Federico, Andrea and Emma, Matteo and Alice and I bambini Elio, Milo, Rocco, Brando, Giacomo, Ettore, Thea , Leone, Bice." - Andy Moor 


released December 22, 2020

Contrabasso - Tommaso Rolando
Guitar - Andy Moor

Recorded by Tommaso Rolando Live at Cascina Pre Angiou, Savignone, Liguria, Italy on Feb 22 2020
Mixed and Mastered in Amsterdam by Andy Moor
Photos by Federico Tixi

TORTO rgb told.jpg





Torto Editions




Release Date 01/12/2020


Double gatefold remastered LP - 300 copies limited edition



Originally released in 2016 by Klopotec and ZARŠ on cd,

Širom first album “I”, will see the light again on a double gatefold vinyl, including two unreleased magical tracks from the same record session, out via Torto Editions.

The metaphysic and the “out of time” stream of (alt)counsciousness gets richer and even wider vibrations on this new vinyl edition.

The new tracklist developed on four sides helps to give the record a spacier, deeper and detailed texture.

Brand new mastering by Udi Koomran.










Iztok Koren – banjo, bass drum, chimes, percussion, balafon


Ana Kravanja – violin, viola, voice, ribab, kalimba, bendir, balafon, percussion


Samo Kutin – ukulele, kalimba, voice, selfmade harps and steel drum, percussion, balafon





A passage of light on return 15’31”




Trilogy 17’44”




The lonesome has to scent 05’32”

Roar’s soft steps 07’27”

Tomorrow, each day is a new day 02’12”




A question flung across bridges is almost like a bang 11’49”

I'm the ostrich you keep seeing in the neighbouring hollow 02’59”




Painting: Marko Jakše

Photo: Nada Žgank


Translation: Gregor Zamuda


Recording, mixing by Iztok Zupan except

‘I’m the ostrich you keep seeing in the neighbouring hollow’  by Aldo Ivančič

Recorded without overdubbing in Posavec, Slovenia, 2015


Mastered by Udi Koomran at "La Pergola" - Tel Aviv, 2020

TORTO rgb told.jpg
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